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Be Your Best You!


Last week the The Christian Science Monitor Daily newspaper posted an article, "Are you what you post? Social media and the accountability debate." It's a good quick read that got me thinking, not only about what I post on social media, but about what I share with others on a daily basis. I asked myself, am I being the best me I can be? Am I conveying a sense of hope and harmony to conversations and situations I find myself in or am I contributing to the problem at hand? I definitely want to be part of the solution, not perpetuate the problem. 

I thought about years of Halloweens when my kids were young. Costumes were a big discussion, at first. Much to my children's disappointment, I nixed every trendy costume that was gory or scary or mocking. "Mom!! it's just a costume." But to me it wasn't just a costume, it was a conscious choice to convey an image, a message. It was who they would be for that moment, that activity, that day. I wanted for them to always be aware that whatever they do, wherever they go, they are contributing something. And that something makes a difference, every time. Our costume discussions gradually became less about justifying gross or degrading imagery, and more about outdoing our last year's creatively inspired designs.

The debate presented in the article involves whether or not we should hold people accountable for their past posts or judge them on what they're doing and saying now? Thankfully, we grow into-and out of- beliefs all the time. We'll probably make some mistakes along the way. But as we gain wisdom from our experiences, our actions and our social media posts will reflect our growth. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the newspaper in which this article appears, assures us that "...progress is the law of God..." (Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures). So we should expect to see growth--both in ourselves and in others. In fact, our own progress of being part of the solution, contributes to the nurturing of right thinking and acting in others, too. It's part of the something you bring to the table. And it makes a difference.

Now is really the only time that matters. Right now, be your best you.